Become one with nature

We are travelers, hikers, dreamers… looking for the right moment, breathing it all in and merge with our surroundings.

We like uniqueness

Our work describes a passion for unique designs. A design is built up from the first idea, over the hike and journey to get that view until we reach the final step – seize the moment an create the result of what we love.


The idea

Based in Switzerland, we’re located in the middle of the wonderful nature of the Swiss Alps. Our journeys take us to all places our hearts desire. Far beyond national borders. Armed with a camera and adventurous feelings we capture views and sceneries that will finally bring alive our collections.


The journey

It is nature calling us, driving us to go further and keep searching for the perfect moment. And it’s that moment, when time stands still that makes our memories live forever. Every adventure is unique – let’s fill our lives with uniqueness.


The result

Condensed through the glass of a camera, it’s nature that tells us the story of time and evolution. We bring it down to our products and express the beauty of nature through our customers. Make it real!

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